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3 ways to wear the boyish haircut
3 ways to wear the boyish haircut
3 ways to wear the boyish haircut

3 ways to wear the boyish haircut

Boyish cuts have been in the spotlight since September 2013. Very short, the hair is cut in a way that allows for playing around with different hairstyles. Short hair does not equal a restricted imagination! Here is a close up of 3 different ways to wear the boyish cut over the next few months.
The disheveled boyish cut. To achieve this hairstyle, it is essential to keep longer lengths at the front. Sophisticated and rock'n'roll, it is the perfect unkempt girly look. The hair is shorter on the side and a few centimeters longer on top. This will allow you to work the front with a fixing styling product. Mix the short haircut trend with the wet look effect and you've perfected this winter's hair trend. To accomplish it, put a drop of gel and dishevel your hair. Make sure to accurately work each strand to position it appropriately even though the final product will not seem tidy at first glance!
The neat boyish cut. Sometimes all you need is a straight side parting to convey a good girly vibe. While the boyish cut is often considered rebellious, it can be tamed into a neat and conventional appearance. Once again, keep longer strands at the front, while the sides should be shorter. After parting your hair on the side, flip your hair on the opposite side. Worried your hair lacks femininity? Play with hair accessories such as barrettes or a bohemian headband.
The boyish rocker cut. You're not done hearing about the rockabilly trend! Far from being reserved for men's haircuts, it is making its name amongst women's trending boyish cuts. Ideal to give volume, this cut, defined by a retro shell, must be well constructed. When at the hair salon, make sure your neck is revealed whereas the top of your hair keeps long strands in order to create the shell. To make sure it lasts all day, back comb the front strands inside the shell. Flip the backcombed strand back and add hairspray to ensure a long-lasting wear.
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