Our exclusive services


Whether you like your hair wavy, with pretty back-to-the-beach style curls, or smooth and brushed out, only one thing really matters: well-behaved hair and form! Hurry in to discover our styling services to highlight all your looks for an entire month!

Take it easy !

A Jean Louis David universe must-have, the exclusive Relax service gets a facelift! Kinks are forgotten and volume is under control: 30 minutes to master your curls and make blow-drying a cinch.

This method, featuring Keratin Therapy and L’Oréal Professional FlashLiss treatments, relaxes hair while making it easy to style!

The highlight: relaxing agents, distinct rollers which “weigh” upon your roots and relax your curls.

Hair becomes soft, silky, and manageable…a flawless result for one month of stress-free hair! Perfect for overbooked working girls!

Wavy Girl!

Looking for a pretty wavy look all year long for sexy and trendy California style? It’s possible now with the S-Wave by Jean Louis David!

Temporary, this shaping service imitates that wavy look your hair gets when you’re at the beach – those S-like curls. Done before the summer for a sunny beachside style, or in the fall to make the summer last, the S-Wave promises a natural wavy look for five weeks!

Note however the curls need to be treated daily with our must-have product: Beach Spray!