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Spring-Summer 2017 Collection the new Style Bar hairstyles

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UV rays: why are they harmful for my hair?
Curly hair
UV rays: why are they harmful for my hair?

What with pretty highlights and the 'straw effect' the sun can give our locks, it is difficult to know what the sun is really doing to our hair. We take a closer look at the harmful effects of UV rays. UV rays damage the hair's keratin... The sun can be good for your hair, as Vitamin D from sunlight boosts the production of keratin (an...

Take a look behind the scenes of the Spring-Summer 2017 Collection
Take a look behind the scenes of the Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

Sultry bikers, innocent Lolitas, romantic hippies. This season, women are channelling the daring Charlie’s Angels and changing their look as mood dictates. They are opting for timeless haircuts such as the mid-length unstructured nineties cut, the short asymmetrical 80s style or even the long layered seventies look, enhanced by several variations, allowing ladies to combine them with any style. With the new Spring-Summer 2017 collection, Jean Louis David is using and reinventing what makes Jean Louis David tick with on-trend hairstyles, deft styling and personalised colouring techniques.

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Split ends: persistent preconceived ideas
Damaged hair
Split ends: persistent preconceived ideas

Dry, damaged tips: you think you know everything about split ends but these strands split in two have created some stubborn preconceived ideas. We take a closer look. 1. Split ends can be repaired with treatments This is without doubt the most common preconceived idea, and yet it is incorrect. Having split ends is an irreversible phenomenon, as...

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