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Style Bar

Perfectly straight hair, incredibly bouncy curls, or a pretty braided look – fall for the trendy styles at Jean Louis David!

For every occasion you can now style your hair for the price of a cocktail, whether it’s a romantic date, a night out with the girls, a wedding, or job interview. All you need is 15 minutes and 15€ and you’ll have a new style without any shampoo or scissors! It’s really that simple.

Pop into your Jean Louis David salon with clean hair, choose your look, and we’ll get you styled up in just three steps:

1. A touch of FRESHNESS with dry shampoo to add texture to the hair and assure the style’s upkeep

2. A PROFESSIONAL touch with the styling tool adapted to your choice in order to quickly create your style and get the look you’re after

3. A FINISHING touch with the Urban Style line of products: shine, mold, support…that’s it, you’re all ready to go!

With the Bar à Styles, you can say goodbye to bad hair days!

SPEED BRUSH, the perfect blow-dry for an important meeting!

You’ve got an interview this afternoon? An important meeting after lunch? Your straightener’s let you down right before THE hottest party of the coming weekend? The solution: The Bar à Styles Speed Brush by Jean Louis David!

In just 15 minutes and for only 15 euros, your stylist will achieve that sought-after smooth hair look for any hair type. The Speed Brush is your flawless hair guarantee – all night long!

SPEED CURL, lovely designed curls for super sexy hair!

Your friends are expecting you in less than an hour for a drink outside and suddenly your hair falls miserably flat? Your curls are looking a little dull?

Make an appointment at your nearest Jean Louis David salon now for a Speed Curl! In record time your curly hair will be back to its full, lively and springy self and you’ll be looking glamorous and elegant again.

Get inspired

SPEED UP DO, a sensible braid, a retro-style bun, a rock ‘n roll knot for the prettiest of looks in every situation!

You’re expected in less than an hour at your best friend’s wedding and you still don’t know how you’re going to wear your hair…want an extravagant style without too much risk? Go for a Speed Up Do!

It’s the choice for both stylish and trendy knots: a romantic braid, rock ‘n roll or chic, a retro-style bun or even a French twist. With amazing speed, you hair is transformed!