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Hair colouring

What are the differences between streaks and highlights?

You want to add depth to your hair using color, but you are undecided between streaks or highlights…To help you make your decision, we have broken down the main differences between these two coloring techniques.

Highlighting: natural and discreet

, You can choose to make your hair either lighter or darker according to your desired look. This corresponds to Contrast treatment at Jean Louis David. Highlighting is partial coloring based on shades and consists of coloring certain sections of your hair in fine strands. The highlights blend in with your initial color to boost your hair and perfectly enhance your cut. It is perfect for adding warmer tones to brunettes or making blonde hair look brighter. However, it is not recommended for red hair as such an intense color can be rather difficult to add different shades to. Furthermore, it adapts to all lengths and textures; it can create depth on curly hair or give an impression of volume to straight or fine hair.

Streaks: visible and pronounced

This technique also consists of creating highlights to illuminate your hair. However, the colored strands are much larger and more prominent than with highlighting, creating more of a contrast with your base color. Even so, the finish can also be natural – it’s down to you to choose the intensity of your strands. This coloring technique is recommended if you wish to give more character to your color, without completely changing your original tone. Our advice: avoid colors which are vastly different, such as blonde streaks on brunette hair as the final result could lack elegance.

What should I use to maintain my hair?

Highlighting doesn’t need much maintenance. It uses contrasting colors, so it doesn’t create an obvious roots effect. Also, it evolves very well over time and fades gradually when you shampoo your hair. However, go to your hairdressers every three months to boost its shine. As for streaks, you should have them touched-up more frequently so the demarcations aren’t too visible. Finally, whatever you choose: pamper your hair with the products from the Color Therapy range to keep your hair shiny, luminous and full of vitality.

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