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Looking after your Contrast highlights
Looking after your Contrast highlights
Looking after your Contrast highlights

Looking after your Contrast highlights

Contrast is a temporary color technique that creates highlights, lowlights and streaks, unique to Jean Louis David salons. This technique gives your hair a beautiful sun-kissed look and gently lightens your natural hair colour. The following tips will help you to look after your Contrast treatment, making it last as long as possible.
Your Contrast should blend with your hair daily so that your hair remains natural, with beautiful highlights. ‘Use a shampoo specifically designed for blonde hair or highlights rather than one for colored hair in general. Your hair has only been partially colored, so it’s better to avoid shampoos that aren’t the best for your hair type. Take your hair care routine a step further and use an anti-yellowing shampoo about once a week which will neutralise any brassy yellow tones and revive the color.’
‘It’s also possible to ask for an in-salon treatment to take care of your hair after a Contrast. A rinse or a Gloss treatment will do the job just fine. Simply talk to your stylist and they will advise you which hair treatment is best for your hair.’
‘Of course, it’s impossible to maintain your Contrast highlights forever as they are created using temporary dye. Every 3 months or so, head back to your salon to have some new Contrast highlights put in. This requires less upkeep than a traditional all over permanent color, but you do still need to think about getting your roots done now and then.’
Our tip: 'To make sure that you get the most out of your Contrast highlights, don’t be scared of talking to your stylist about what you want your hair to look like. At Jean Louis David, out coloring techniques are adapted to each of our client’s individual hair needs. Let your stylist know exactly what you are after to make sure you get a bespoke hair consultation and fantastic end result.’
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