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Our Exclusive ServicesColour

Energy and shine! For sparkling color all year round with radiant shine and depth, try out our capillary top coats at the salon!

Bye-bye dull hair!

Hard water, UV rays, pollution, city air...your hair definitely goes through a lot. It's not easy for your hair to conserve its shine in an environment that is sometimes so hostile!

Our secret for bright and lustrous hair: Gloss! A real shot of light and shine, just like a top coat, this exclusive technique adds maximum radiance to your hair, revives its shine, and highlights your natural color. With neither strain nor root effects on your hair, it just fades away like a suntan!

If you're interested in exploring the world of color or simply want to revive your color without radically changing your style, this product is for you!

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Color and shine!

Go for even more intense shine with our exclusive 2-en-1. Whether a sensual blonde, knockout brunette, or sparkling red head, your color is sprinkled with shine and sculpted with light and shades!

To start, the colorist applies the coloring product over your entire hair and then adds some lightening 2-en-1 powder to a few top strands. It's a personalized and custom approach, as the application is done according to your hairstyle and the shape of your face.

The result is a mirror-like shine with light-absorbing highlights!

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO