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Hair colouring

How do I choose between coloring and highlights?

Coloring has everything going for it: it allows you to change your look, boost your hair’s shine and enhance your style. Highlights give your hair more subtle tones. Take a closer look at two of the most common techniques, which are just as different as they are complementary.

Opt for coloring

This technique covers the entirety of your hair with the color of your choice. It is divided into three categories. First of all, temporary coloring which fades gradually when you wash your hair and ages very well over time. Next, tone-on-tone coloring which is closer to your base color and gives it shine. Finally, permanent coloring which is, by definition, irreversible. It is perfect for concealing any gray hairs or fully changing your color once and for all.

Opt for highlights

This corresponds to a Contrast at Jean Louis David. Highlights are an integral part of permanent coloring techniques. The only difference between highlights and full coloring is how it is applied. In fact, highlights partially color your hair by enhancing it with tones which are both discreet and luminous. Your hairdresser will select thick or fine strands to lighten your hair, depending on your haircut and initial color. The promise? To add a sun-kissed effect to your hair, giving it relief and intensity.

Our advice: always opt for streaks two or three tones lighter than your starting color to guarantee a natural result.

How can I combine the two techniques?

These two techniques go together perfectly! Above all, get your highlights done by following your coloring. It must always adapt to your color to contrast and enhance it in a personalized way. If your hair coloring is brown, opt for hazelnut, auburn, mahogany or copper-colored highlights. If you have light brown hair, choose caramel or golden highlights. As for redheads, light red or strawberry blond are perfect for enhancing your hair. Finally, add tones to blond hair with the blond you desire: you’re lucky, any blond tones will definitely suit you!

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