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Contrast highlights from Jean Louis David
Contrast highlights from Jean Louis David

Contrast highlights from Jean Louis David

Streaks, highlights... At Jean Louis David we call these partial colouring techniques “Contrast”. This colour service lightens the hair for an irresistible sun-kissed effect! Here’s the A-Z of this technique.
Contrast brightens hair and creates a contrast. “Using this technique we can emphasise movement or sections of hair for an ever-natural result.” Highlights are chosen by those who want to go subtly lighter or emphasise the front of their face or a fringe.
“Some fall into the trap of wanting very bold, fair highlights. As a result they end up with platinum blonde hair, as each time they go back to the hairdresser’s, they have no choice but to add more. So it’s difficult to get natural-looking hair.” Avoid going for too bold a contrast between your natural hair colour and your highlights.
The great thing about getting your hair done at the salon is that you end up with custom-made results. “At Jean Louis David we use a number of different techniques depending on what the client is after. For a sun-kissed effect, for example, we apply the colour using a brush so the result is subtle.” But you can also opt or a colour progression (from the roots to the ends) or go for bolder contrasts for a beautiful, bright hairstyle!
Once you’ve taken the plunge, you then need to make sure that your highlights stay as perfect as they looked on the first day. Highlights need to be looked after! “At the salon we offer a service known as a rinse or Gloss to revive your colour.” At home, use products designed for blonde hair rather than coloured hair, as your hair is actually only partially coloured. “And every now and then, use a blue shampoo once a month. Leave it on only for a short while.”
Our tip: Though the highlighting technique requires less upkeep than an all-over colour, you will need to get your roots refreshed at some point! Visit your hairdresser every three to four months. Ideally every three months, and a maximum of every four.
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