Change your style without changing your cut

To multiply your hairstyles without getting your hair cut, all you need are the right products and tools. With a little imagination, anything is possible! Jeff Causse shows us how.
Here are a few essential items you should have at the ready. “The most obvious: a hair-dryer. Also good to have is a pair of rounded straighteners, which can be used for both straight and curly styles! A styling mousse may also come in handy to add body, a blow-dry cream and hairspray to hold your style in place without ruining your hair’s shine.” Once you have all of these, you can do almost anything!
Let’s start with short hair. Why not ruffle it up for a rock chick look? To do this, use a fixing spray on dry hair to make it nice and easy to manage, shaping the hair with your fingers as you go. “You could also borrow your man’s styling products to create sexy wet-look hair. Simply slick damp hair down using a gel.”
Mid-length hair can be shaped in many ways. Go poker-straight by applying a heat protector product before straightening your hair. This will leave it looking sleek and frizz-free. You can also use the same straightening irons to create glamorous curls: take one piece of hair at a time, wrapping it round the straighteners and pulling the irons down to the ends. This will give you well-defined curls throughout the lengths of your hair. Magic!
Those with long hair can play around with different up-dos, and there are so many to choose from! Messy chignons, bedhead hair, high ponies, low ponies, side ponies… sass up your favourite styles in a flash with accessories!
Our tip: Special occasion? Wash your hair the day before so that hair ties, slides and pins will stay in place
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