Curly hair: how can I make it glossy?

Make your hair shine with health once more by establishing a targeted hair regime. Our styling expert, Luis Faria, gives you his advice on how to get shiny, strong locks as quickly as possible.

As a general rule, curly hair is naturally dry. The reason for this is its spiral shape, which makes the circulation of sebum more difficult (essential for well-hydrated hair). As a result, curly hair can quickly become dull if you don’t use treatments suited to its nature. Furthermore, your hair can be sensitised by external damaging factors (pollution, hard water, UV rays, etc.). The result: your hair fibre dries out so it can no longer capture and reflect the light properly.

With hydrating treatments

Shine is an external sign that your hair is full of health. To make your locks glossy, go for products which have reparative, hydrating and regenerating properties. Those from the Oil Therapy range are perfect for this with their formula composed of a trio of precious oils: jojoba for hydration, argan for nutrition and date palm for its trace elements and vitamins.

Also opt for treatments enriched with keratin: they will deeply restructure the hair fibre. In the salon, we offer the Keratin Therapy range. A personalised regime for an intense, nourishing and reparative treatment. At home, prolong the effects of the regime by using the shampoo, mask and treatment from the same range.

“Also opt for treatments enriched with keratin: they will deeply restructure the hair fibre.”

Luis Faria

With a spray for a quick solution

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to add shine to your hair, opt for Shine Spray. It acts like a temporary shine boost (it’s not a treatment) with just a few sprays of the product. With its light mist and delicate fragrance, it can be used as a finishing touch for hair which shines for hours. Slip it into your bag for discreet touch-ups on your hair for any occasion.

With a gloss effect to boost luminous shine

As a complement to your hair products, boost your curls with a targeted shine treatment. In the salon, we suggest the Gloss treatment, a technique based on transparency and colour. A boost of light which revives your natural highlights and fades like a tan. If you wish to change the colour of your hair, you can combine the Gloss technique with a hair colouring treatment to maximise the effects.

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