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Get the low-down on Gloss Treatments

Tempted to try out a Gloss treatment to enhance your hair’s natural shine? Find out all the facts about this Jean Louis David exclusive right here...
Gloss treatments are a semi-permanent color. “It will gradually fade over time as you shampoo. What’s more, the oxidization levels are so low that you will not be left with unsightly roots. A gloss treatment is perfect if you want to add shine to your style. You also have the choice of going darker or adding highlights, yet lightening is not an option”
Gloss treatments are suited to all hair types. “Whatever your hair texture, or color, you can go for a Gloss treatment. The only difference is that it can tone down or top up highlights on blonde hair. However, brunettes will see no color change-just gorgeous added shine”.
The end result is very subtle and natural. “This color is applied to the upper sections of your style. You may just want to stick with your Gloss, or pair with another more prominent treatment such as Sunlight. In this case, your Sunlight highlights will be added as a final touch to add more dimension and multiple shades as well as boosting shine’.
Our advice: Once your Gloss treatment is completed, be sure to look after your new shade with products from the Color Therapy range. You should wash hair with 100% Color shampoo 2-3 times per week to prolong your color and prevent fade for as long as possible!
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Get the low-down on Gloss Treatments
Get the low-down on Gloss Treatments
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO