Zoom in on: the 2-in-1 service

The aim of a 2-in-1 service is to provide you with a color that looks 100% natural. Our expert explains this exclusive technique from Jean Louis David.

The 2-in-1 is a customized color service. “We observed that: some women tend to color their hair at home, and sometimes do it very well, but the ends lack shine. We therefore wanted to offer a color with added value. Our aim: to obtain perfect color with shades that come across as natural as possible.”

The keyword is ‘personalization’. “Some locks are colored in different ways in order to reflect light differently. A supplementary product is then applied onto your color, while it sets, in order to shade it. This technique is done depending on your hair style. It’s designed for color enthusiasts and works with all colors and hair types.

Our advice. Once your hair is colored, make an appointment at the hair salon every two to three months. In the meantime, maintain your hair with products from the Color Therapy range. Two to three times a week, wash your hair with 100% Color shampoo. You will extend the effect of your 2-in-1, while pampering your lovely hair.

© Jean Louis David