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The Color Therapy hair care ritual
The Color Therapy hair care ritual
Hair care

The Color Therapy hair care ritual

Jean Louis David has replaced its 100% Color range with the Color Therapy range. This range is of course designed to make your colour last as long as possible, but that’s not all... Check out this range now, a must-have for coloured hair!
The Color Therapy range can be used in the salon as well as at home. It contains some of the ingredients that made the 100% Color range so successful, and more! “The Color Therapy range makes your colour look lovelier for longer, restores shine and hydrates. These are the new qualities and strengths of these products.” Hair is shiny, silky and better protected over time.
At the salon, the three products that make up the range are used to revive your colour and treat the hair. The process starts with the Couleur Intense shampoo and a scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation. “And, for a tailor-made experience, the colour technician will customise the treatment by identifying which tone to revive. For example, on a medium colour base, brown is the shade we want to revive. With a red, it’s going to be copper tones. We therefore add the pigments we need to the mask, apply it carefully then leave it on for three minutes.” The process ends with the Couleur Ultime leave-in lotion, which makes hair easier to untangle and style.
At home you can use the same products, minus the customised pigments. Your stylist will recommend you use 1, 2 or 3 products depending on your hair’s condition. “At the salon, we use the three products as standard procedure. There’s no need for this at home. For example, if you have fine hair, we recommend you use the shampoo and the lotion. The mask could weigh down your hair.” If you have fragile hair, use the shampoo and the mask. If you have thick hair, use all three if you like.
Our tip: If you’re heading to the salon to have your colour done, these products can be used on the same day. Obviously no extra pigments will be added, but the three steps will set the colour into your hair for a long-lasting result.
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