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Only the Best for My Coloured Hair
Only the Best for My Coloured Hair
Hair care

Only the Best for My Coloured Hair

To keep coloured, streaked or highlighted hair both shiny and soft, a hair care regime is a must. Follow these simple guidelines from our professionals and enjoy your coloured hair forever!
In order to keep your colour bright, a visit to your hairdresser is essential! “Ideally you should go every three or four months for streaked and highlighted hair and at least every six weeks for colouring. This is the best way to always show off your glossy and well maintained colour,” Vanessa Giani reminds us.
At home it is important to use hair care products created uniquely for coloured hair as well as taking into consideration your actual hair type. “Made up of active ingredients such as antioxidants that protect your hair from the elements, these products will prevent your hair from losing its colour or fading over time.” Using special shampoo for coloured hair not only prevents fading but also deeply hydrates and nourishes it. “Be sure to always treat your hair after shampooing”.
Worried about the effects of heat treatments? Don’t be! Ensure that your hair is as dry as possible before using your hair styling utensils. “So as to not frazzle your hair and of course keep a lasting style, it is important to dry your hair by at least 95%. The choice of straightening plates is equally important: go for ceramic.”
Hint: be careful of the elements. With nice days comes the sun. This may work wonders on your tan but will have less desirable effects on your hair colour if you’re not careful. “Just like with your skin, you also need to hydrate your hair. Get used to regularly applying sprays, oils or even special hair care products to prevent loss of colour.” Our last tip is for those who adore spending their time in the water during their holidays. “Whether in the pool or the sea, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly every night and if possible, with special after-sun products to rehydrate your hair.”
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