Pre-summer sun hair care programme

There are many factors that can cause damage to your hair: the sun, the sea, the wind, pollution, chlorine… And in the summer, the majority of these elements are acting at once. Good hair care is essential at this time of year – follow our plan of action before you go in search of the sun.
Dips in the pool, swimming in the sea and the odd session of sun-bathing… all repeated over the course of two or three weeks… so you have to expect the worst for your hair! Even so, the results vary from person to person. “These elements are going to have a more devastating effect on fine hair that’s been dyed than on un-dyed fine hair. Everyone suffers from the effects of these external influences but it all depends on the basic state of your hair.”
To help your hair withstand the damage, the only solution is to protect it from the moment you arrive at your holiday destination. You can use a variety of oils and sprays aimed at deflecting the negative effects of U.V. rays. “Before you set off, it is a good idea to visit your hair dresser to have any split ends removed and to treat sensitive hair.” Equally, it’s sensible to go back to the salon when you return so that you can remedy all that sun exposure!
Another piece of advice: your hair can be a great indicator of your general health. So, partying too much or being tired can manifest itself in the state of your hair. “It’ll be duller and less shiny. To turn the situation around, you need to start looking after yourself. A balanced diet, lots of sleep and regular exercise all contribute to maintaining a good figure and healthy hair.”
To give your hair an extra boost, you could consider buying dietary supplements. “These can boost your vitamin intake, for example with vitamins B6 and B12 or with magnesium. These will improve the strength and shine of your hair.”

Our tip: The best approach would be to eat a lot of wheat-germ during the month prior to your holiday. Wheat-germ contains vitamins A and B as well as magnesium. Over all, it brings together all the necessary elements for promoting beautiful hair.
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