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Massaging your scalp correctly
Massaging your scalp correctly
Hair care

Massaging your scalp correctly

Massaging the scalp has many more important effects than you would imagine. As well as the relaxation benefits that it brings, scalp massage can also do your hair the world of good. So there’s no excuse for depriving yourself!
The scalp is a delicate layer of skin that your hair grows through. If you don’t massage it, the scalp stays stiff and is less supple. The result is that your hair will be weak and lifeless, which can lead to hair loss. “Massaging the scalp helps keep the hair supple as well as promoting oxygenation of the hair via vascularisation. You should be massaging your scalp as a matter of course. At Jean Louis David, we have a policy of massaging the scalp of each client who has their hair washed. This helps them to relax and shows them our professionalism.”
The ideal time to massage your scalp is whilst you’re in the shower. “Once your hair is wet and you’ve shampooed it, massage your scalp for 1 minute, pressing towards your crown with circular movements.” If you don’t have the time to do it in the shower, you can massage your scalp through dry hair, in front of the TV for example, for 1 to 2 minutes. Work the scalp with the tips of your fingers or the palm of your hand to really relax it. Place your thumbs on the side of your head so that you have a base to work from.
“Be careful not to massage your temples. These zones contain important nerve endings so it’s best to leave massage of these areas to a medical professional.” Equally, you need to be careful not to rub your scalp too hard, which can risk irritation and the appearance of dandruff.
Other methods of massage exist, such as the pinching or the ventouse techniques. “Don’t hesitate to try a few different techniques. In the end you get the same result, it’s just a question of personal taste. Whichever you choose, your hair will be freed of impurities and your scalp will be softer and more relaxed.”
Our tip: Scalp massage can also be an effective way to help the scalp absorb products that promote hair growth in places where the hair has fallen out, for example after a scalp irritation. However, contrary to popular opinion, scalp massage has no effect on the absorption of shampoos or conditioners.
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