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Tips to make your Gloss treatment last
Tips to make your Gloss treatment last
Tips to make your Gloss treatment last

Tips to make your Gloss treatment last

Gloss is a new treatment, exclusive to Jean Louis David salons, which is based on tone-on-tone colouring to really make your hair shine. The 2-in-1 Gloss treatment leaves your colour perfected without leaving unsightly roots, as your colour with gradually fade naturally. To keep your gloss colour treatment looking vibrant, there are several ways to make the results last as long as possible. Take a look at our top tips below.
The Gloss treatment revives your natural colour without needing to go back to the salon every few weeks to re-touch your roots. ‘Jean Louis David really is the best salon to get highlights done. The temporary colour fades gradually after several washes, creates highlights and lifts your base colour. It’s great if you’re not after a radical change, but simply want to inject some life into your natural colour.
When you come to a Jean Louis David salon for a Gloss treatment, your stylist will ask you if you would like to try the Colour Therapy range. ‘A divine hair-care ritual offered by Jean Louis David’s salons, the Colour Therapy range is super hydrating and revives your natural hair colour. The result ? Glossy, supple locks with vibrant colour.
This salon treatments are based on 3 key products. ‘ Clients receive a scalp massage whilst 100% Colour Shampoo is applied to the hair. At this point, the stylist will identify which colour to lift. For blondes, light highlights will be used whereas for brunettes, brown tones will be added. Once your hair has been shampooed, the hair is then covered in a hair mask which contains these colour-enhancing pigments. The mask is left on for around 3 minutes and the process is finished by applying 100% Colour leave-in treatment, to make detangling and styling easier. When your treatment is complete, your hair appears glossier, refreshed and the Gloss will last much longer.’
Our advice : to make your Gloss treatment last longer at home, invest in the Colour Therapy home-kit. The only difference to the salon version is that you can’t adapt the colour enhancing mask stage. ‘ At home, you can decide to use all 3 products or less. It depends on the quality of your existing colour, the time you have available to do the treatments and your hair-type. If you have thick hair, you can chose to do all 3 steps, whereas if you have fine hair, try giving the mask stage a miss, as it might weigh your hair down further.’

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