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Hairstyles for thick hair
Hairstyles for thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hair

A lot of women would give anything for thick hair, particularly because of the spectrum of everyday styling possibilities it offers. But not all hairstyles work with thick hair. Follow our advice to make sure you choose the style that suits your thick hair the best.
If you have thick hair, think carefully before you have it cut! “Don’t cut it too short, the last thing you want is the “helmet” effect. To avoid this, keep the length at least below the ears, no shorter. If you want something shorter, then make it really short, not somewhere between the two.”
Layered styles work on some thick hair. "It depends on the length and whether or not the person wants full-bodied hair. Layered styles on thick hair can result in a lot of volume, which is not something that every woman wants.”
Thick hair is not necessarily more difficult to style than other hair types. “The only problem is when it comes to creating movement. Hair is chunky and there is a lot of it. It can therefore be difficult to curl when straight, and vice-versa. Choose a hairstyle that can be worn loose. When worn up, thick hair can often look too over the top.”
Our tip: to balance out the volume in your thick hair, go for a centre parting if you can. A centre parting also has a youthful effect! Ask your hairdresser for advice when you’re at the salon.
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