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Haircuts: 3 common misconceptions
Haircuts: 3 common misconceptions

Haircuts: 3 common misconceptions

It's hard to ignore misconceptions. The problem is, once you've heard them it's hard to put them to the back of your mind. Here are 3 that we can brush aside straightaway!
If I cut my hair it will grow faster. Sadly no one has yet invented a magic formula to make your hair grow 10cm just like that! And cutting your hair won't speed things up. "Your hair grows a centimetre a month on average, one and a half centimetres at the absolute maximum. Though cutting your hair is a good thing, it won't affect how fast it grows."
You have to have your hair cut every month to keep it looking beautiful. "Beauty is completely subjective. For some people, beautiful hair means having a nice haircut. For others, it means hair that can be styled easily. Cutting your hair contributes to this idea of having beautiful hair, but you don't necessarily have to cut it every month!" Every 3-4 months is enough. If you have fine hair, the ends tend to thin out quickly, so you'll need to visit your hairdresser every 2-3 months.
My hair grows back thicker when I cut it. Cutting your hair will not alter your hair type. "But hair does feel (feel being the keyword) thicker after it's been cut. Obviously once the thinned out sections have been chopped off, your hair will feel thicker." When split ends start to appear or your ends start to thin out, head to your hairdresser's to refresh your hair and get it looking nice and healthy!
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