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How to look after thick hair
How to look after thick hair
How to look after thick hair
Hair care

How to look after thick hair

When we talk about thick hair, we’re referring to the quantity of your hair - thick meaning rather a lot! What many people wouldn’t give to have so much hair... But the thickness of your hair has nothing to do with your hair type. Straight, curly, coloured, fine or dry, there is no standard type of thick hair. Follow our advice on how to look after your thick hair in the best way for your hair type.

Just because you have a full head of hair does not mean you don’t need to take good care of it. Fine and delicate hair are not the only hair types that require looking after. But despite what many people think, just because your hair is thick, doesn’t mean that it will be dry. “You do get people with thick hair whose hair type is normal. In this case there is no need to use products designed for dry hair. Simply use shampoos and products for normal hair, or pH-balanced products.”
If, however, you have dry or coloured hair, you will need to go for hydrating treatments in order to deeply nourish the hair’s fibre. “People with this hair type will tend to suffer from coarse lengths and split ends. So make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly.” There are also many treatments and masks available for thick hair, which are rich in hydrating agents to penetrate the hair’s fibre. Finally, if you have thick, fine hair, opt for volumising treatments to give you hair extra body.
The main difference between thick hair and other hair is, of course, that it needs more of everything! “There is more hair, so more product is required, and it takes longer to rinse, dry and style... In a nutshell, it’s a lot more work, but no more complex than any other hair type!”

Our tip: If you have thick, curly hair you will want to tame any frizz, especially at the roots! Use a brush, rather than a comb, to control and straighten it more easily.
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