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Why go for layers in your hair?
Why go for layers in your hair?

Why go for layers in your hair?

There are two types of haircuts: one-length and layered. Layering your hair means you end up with some sections shorter than others. But why go for layers? To add shape. Here's some advice for each hair type.
Layered cuts suit all women, all hair types and all lengths! "But the intensity of the layers must vary from one woman to another, since the client's wishes need to be taken into account along with her hair type and hair thickness." Whether you keep them subtle or go all out, layers give you the freedom to create many different styles.
If you have fine hair, feel free to layer your hair, but keep it subtle. "Cutting into your hair too much will leave you with ultra-fine ends and this isn't very attractive. But it could be a good idea to add a few layers at the top of your head to add volume."
For thick hair, you can be a bit more adventurous (within reason!). "Too many layers in thick hair can result in over-the-top volume that's difficult to control."  But if the layers are well designed, they help to distribute volume and reduce thickness. Layers are also a good solution for restoring bounce to curly hair.
Our tip: most short haircuts are layered for well distributed volume and to avoid the bowl effect. Dry your hair and style with a flat brush, taking care to lift the roots.
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