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Focus on temporary colouring
Focus on temporary colouring
Hair colouring

Focus on temporary colouring

Temporary colouring is, as its name suggests, temporary! This means that it fades over time and means you don’t end up with roots. A temporary colour disappears on its own. Here’s a closer look at this technique.
All hairdressers agree that a temporary colour fades over time, without leaving any undesirable traces. “But it all depends on the temporary colour you use. The ones you find at the supermarket are generally highly concentrated to make them last!” Once again, it’s therefore best to head to the salon and seek the advice of a professional.
Jean Louis David’s temporary colouring service is called Gloss. This colour adds shine and allows for a number of different shades. The advantage of this temporary colour is that it fades after about 4-5 weeks like a tan, without leaving any unwanted traces behind.” This is the difference between a professional temporary colouring treatment and one done at home. “With supermarket-bought products, the remaining traces generally don’t wash out. So a brown might end up turning light brown and a honey blond can end up turning yellow...”
Temporary colouring treatments are a huge success among women! “This colouring treatment can hide up to 30% of white hair. So it’s great for people of all ages who like to change their colour fairly often.” Temporary colouring treatments also provide more shine than a permanent colour. “They are slightly transparent and provide less coverage which makes for a very attractive result.”
Our tip: Just like permanent colours, temporary colours need to be looked after. So make sure you use shampoos and treatments designed for coloured hair. This will help the colour last and stay radiant for longer.
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