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Hiding my first grey hairs
Hiding my first grey hairs

Hiding my first grey hairs

When the first white hair dares to show its face, most people panic. And yet, this is a natural phenomenon that every woman will experience. We discuss the options for helping disguise those first grey hairs.
Hair does not turn white overnight. It happens gradually up until the point where it’s visible to the eyes. “We’re talking about a natural process. Melamine leaves and with it goes the pigment that colours your hair. It therefore becomes white and can also start to take on a different structure. It could be finer or sometimes thicker.”
Bear in mind that there isn’t a set-in-stone age at which grey hairs start appearing. Normally, it’s around 35-40 years old. What’s important is to be prepared to live with going grey. “And contrary to popular opinion, if you choose to pluck out a few grey hairs, you won’t end up with twice as many growing back. It’s a complete myth!”
When you only have a few grey hairs, a permanent dye is not the only solution. Temporary colorations do the job just as well since they hide the offending hairs whilst allowing you to stick to a more natural hair colour. “If your head has over 30 – 40% grey or white hair, it’s better to opt for something that will be more effective in the long run. Now that there are techniques that allow you to cover up those greys without oxidation, it’s possible to dye your hair without it losing its shine.”

Our tip: To maintain a nice hair colour or attractive salt and pepper hair, you need to optimise your hair care routine. Use products for coloured hair in the first instance. For salt and pepper hair, use products for grey hair alternately with a normal shampoo.
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