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Choosing the right shampoo
Choosing the right shampoo
Hair care

Choosing the right shampoo

It’s extremely important to choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type, as shampoo is the first hair product you use on your hair. It prepares your hair for other products, or, for those who only use shampoo, serves as a “light” treatment.
Today you can buy shampoo for every hair type and every state. Dry, fine, thick, curly, straight, coloured, there is something for everyone. So it’s important to determine your hair type before buying your shampoo. “Don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser’s advice to make sure you buy the most suitable product.”
If you’re one of those people who wash their hair very frequently, you need to use a gentle, frequent use shampoo, and only use it once at a time. “If, however, you only wash your hair once or twice a week, you can use it twice. The first application will rid your hair of impurities and any excess styling products. Apply and rinse out quickly. The second application acts more like a treatment and can be left on for longer.”
For the best hair wash results, it is highly recommended that you alternate between two shampoos so that they can act on the state of your hair and your hair type. “If you only use one shampoo, your hair will eventually get used to it, and the shampoo will become less effective over time.” For example, if you have dry hair, use a nourishing shampoo to hydrate and a keratin-based shampoo for shine.
There are many different combinations to choose from. You just need to be logical and not choose shampoos that are complete opposites! “Juggle between your hair’s condition and your hair type. For example, between a shampoo for fine hair and another for dry hair. Use a shampoo for coloured hair in combination with a shampoo for thick or fine hair. There is something for each hair type; you just need to find the right product.”
Our tip: Alternate between your two shampoos as and when your hair needs. For example, you have dry and coloured hair. If you find that your hair is lacking hydration, use a nourishing shampoo for two or three washes. Afterwards, use a pigmented shampoo for coloured hair.
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