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I've tested Color Therapy at home
I've tested Color Therapy at home
I've tested Color Therapy at home
Hair care

I've tested Color Therapy at home

I love a change. But to change my haircut regularly, I need fast-growing hair, which isn’t the case for me! So I stick to colour treatments, especially temporary colours, when I feel like a change. And to keep my colour looking nice and bright for as long as possible, I use products designed for coloured hair.
When I last went to my Jean Louis David hairdresser for a Gloss treatment, I discovered their new range of products designed for coloured hair. I was able to try them out straight after my colour treatment. To prolong the effect of the treatment, I decided to invest in their Color Therapy range and use it at home.
There are three different products, but for my fragile hair I only need to use the Couleur Intense shampoo and the Couleur Profonde mask. The shampoo washes and softens my hair and makes the colour last longer. The mask deeply nourishes my fragile hair and also keeps my hair bright and shiny for longer. To optimise its effects, I try to leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with fresh water.
This duo of treatments helps my hair retain colour and shine for longer. But that’s not all. I also find that my hair feels a lot nicer. It feels softer and looks shinier!
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