Curly hair: how can I create a wavy effect?

The secret to successful wavy locks? Straight locks down to the ears, then light waves for the rest of the length. Find out how to create this look with naturally curly hair.

Straightening to eliminate curls and frizz

Opting for hair treatments with a straightening effect is useful but not enough for creating this hairstyle. The most effective option, even if it takes longer, is fully straightening your locks with straighteners and recreating curls rather than working with your own.

Creating light waves

To obtain the desired result, you have three options:

Curling tongs for perfect definition: wrap your hair (from the ears down to the tips) around the curling tongs without pulling too tightly. To maximise the effect, alternate between fine and thicker strands. This technique takes the longest amount of time, but it is the best option for perfectionists.

Salt water spray for a floatier result: as naturally curly hair is sensitive to this kind of product, spray it on straight hair (two squirts for long hair) and scrunch the strands with your hands to obtain a highly natural ‘beach’ look. This is the quickest option but with a less elaborate result.

A braid and going to bed early: before going to sleep, apply a small amount of serum to your locks so the braid creates more distinctive waves in your hair. Braid from the ears down to the tips. This is a happy medium between the first two methods.

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