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Care Ritual

Our Exclusive ServicesCare Ritual

A day and night cream applied daily to your face and body, a lip balm, oil for your cuticles...just like your skin, your hair needs care, attention, and nutrition! That's why Jean Louis David created Rituels, made from exclusive original formulas, to answer to the needs of everyone. Repair, volume, color, shine, smoothening – choose one that's right for you!

For dreamy hair!

Dull, brittle, dry, and damaged hair? Your hair's keratin, its main component, must be altered or lacking.

To fix it, here's the solution: Keratin Therapy, a protocol for outstanding Salon-style care! Keratin Therapy is a custom made treatment in four steps which acts in synergy with the fiber's core and surface to bring out the hair's natural beauty.

It instantly revitalizes dry and sensitive hair while providing for unmatched nutrition and softness, all the while maintaining your hair's lightweight feel. Impressive!

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Wanna shake your coloured hair?

Jean Louis David creates GO COLOR, products with a magic formula and packed with a rare and unexpected ingredient : DRAGON FRUIT.

Rich and exceptional, it contains vitamins A,B and C, that reveal and enhance the shine of coloured hair by fixing the pigments at the heart of the hair fibre.

With GO COLOR, get in salon a veritable light bath, revive and intensify your color in four steps.

Result : Hair that is protected and enhanced, total shine with tints of light.

Guaranteed mirror-like shine!

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Beautiful healthy hair!

Even if your hair is healthy, with no split ends or visible flaws, a treatment is still necessary from time to time to keep it sparkling and hydrated!

Suitable for all hair types, the Oil Therapy Rituel, enriched by a complex of three precious oils (Argan, Jojoba, and Dattier), eliminates impurities while providing nutrition, flexibility, and shine.

In just a few minutes, the fiber is totally regenerated, and your hair is left radiant and best of all, nicely perfumed!

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Fortify your hair!

Be done with tired, impossible-to-style hair, and hairdos which fall flat just hours after being blown dry!

Thanks to its exclusive formula including hyaluronic acid, volume-enhancing rice proteins, a complementary hairstyle-maintaining polymer, and nutritious keratin, the Boost Volume Therapy Rituel will energize your hair.

Hair is strengthened in just 20 minutes, creating a lively healthy style with a lightweight and airy bounce. XXL volume, guaranteed!

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO