Children: Which haircuts suit curly hair?

Just wavy, in lovely ringlets or tight curls: tame your child’s unruly locks with the ideal haircut.

Enhancing curly hair can be child’s play: the more natural it looks, the prettier it will be. For your child’s haircut enlist an experienced hairdresser, who will opt for a dry cut so as to have a better idea of the result.

A personalised cut that enhances your child’s curls

If your child is at the age when unruly hair looks cute, the best thing to do is to let their hair grow long and allow the natural bounce of their curls to come to the fore. Just get any damaged ends trimmed off to prevent knots from forming. To keep the hair’s original shape the hairdresser will work strand by strand, taking account of the way each strand falls. For some kids that will mean big cascading curls and for others a mass of tight corkscrew curls.

The layered bob: the structured unisex haircut

In order to tame the hair whilst keeping it natural-looking, avoid overly blunt haircuts. To add structure, the hairdresser will work on incorporating different lengths to put in subtle layers. This is because if the layers are too stark, the waves will stick out and leave too much volume on top. Bobs are an ideal length for most curly locks, as the weight of the hair will relax the waves slightly and will make styling easier. For girls, a mid-length bob allows them to wear braids, ponytails or chignons.

Good to know: Do not let the hairdresser cut your child’s hair with a razor. It will distort the structure of their curls and make them splay out at the ends.

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