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Take a look at our expert's advice on how to properly use your device.

Straighteners: advice according to your hair type

Optimum temperatures, treatments, techniques... Take a closer look at how to perfectly straighten your locks whilst preserving your hair's health.

Although each hair type requires different techniques to be well-straightened, two rules are essential for everyone. The first rule: apply a thermo-active treatment before using your straighteners. Spread out from the roots down to the tips, this product will act as a heat protective shield. The second rule: go over each strand of hair no more than twice in one session. More than that and you risk damaging your hair.

Your hair is fine or damaged

Naturally weak, fine hair requires a temperature between 80°C and 150°C depending on its thickness. If you are in doubt, start at the lowest temperature and increase it gradually if the straightening effect is not strong enough.

When colouring or bleaching, your hair is subjected to chemical damage which makes it more sensitive to heat. Therefore, when straightening your hair, always opt for the lowest temperature possible.

To start with, avoid using straighteners if your hair is very dry or if it breaks easily. Do focus on using keratin treatments to repair your hair instead.

Your hair is wavy or slightly curly

If your hair is prone to troublesome tufts or frizz, use smoothing and softening treatments before using your straighteners. Jean Louis David brings you Anti-Frizz Smoothing Shampoo and Control Smoothing Mask, both from the Liss Therapy range. Enriched with cottonseed oil, silk proteins and beneficial silicones, it is formulated to ease blow-drying and keep styling hold for longer. Once your hair is dry, you just need to adjust your device's temperature to between 150°C and 180°C. As a finishing touch, apply anti-humidity hairspray.

Your hair is very curly, frizzy or has kinks in it

Due to your hair's resistance to straightening, a higher temperature is essential. You can start with a straightening regime, just like you would with wavy hair. In the case of curly hair, adjust your straighteners' temperature to between 170°C and 190°C. If your hair has kinks in it, you can go up to 210°C. For flawless straightening, work with fine strands. This is a long but effective process. As a finishing touch, apply anti-humidity hairspray to prevent the frizz from coming back.

You have thick hair

Regarding temperature, your hair type (wavy, curly, frizzy or with kinks in) which determines the level of heat you should use. Simply refer to the previous explanations.

Even with a protective treatment and the correct temperature for your hair type, using straighteners on a daily basis weakens your hair. Give it a break by instead creating a wavy effect between straightening sessions. Apply a salt water spray from mid-length down to the tips and scrunch the strands using your fingers.


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