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How to use thermo-active products properly
How to use thermo-active products properly
Hair care

How to use thermo-active products properly

Thermo-active or thermo-protector products are an important part of our hair care routine. And if they weren’t already, it should be one of your new hair resolutions for 2013!
For silky, healthy hair, thermo-active products are indispensable. They protect your hair from the heat of your styling tools as their ingredients are activated by the heat. “Blow-drying and straightening hair every day damages the hair, especially if it’s not protected. Hair ends up fragile and dry. To avoid damaging your precious hair, thermo-active products to the rescue! These products also make your hair easier to style.”
Some thermo-protector products make styling and straightening easier. “At Jean Louis David we have Perfect Liss which protects hair from the heat of your straighteners and other styling tools as well as making your hair easier to style. A 2-in-1 that is highly recommended by many of our sleek, straight hair addicts.” Some products can also help tame frizz.
To optimise the effectiveness of these products, make sure you’re using them properly. If your aim is to protect your hair from your styling tools and to get rid of frizz, apply the thermo-active product to damp, towel-dried hair. Pour a small amount of product into your hands then apply evenly throughout your hair. If the product comes in a spray, spray directly onto your hair.
“If you want to protect your hair from the heat of your hair dryer or straighteners and make styling easier, use the product on dry hair. Spray each section three times then comb through to make sure it is evenly distributed throughout your hair.”
Our tip: Thermo-active treatments are very effective against the heat of your tools but you should still avoid using them every day. Hair still overheats and can therefore still be damaged. If you really have to have ultra-straight hair, use your straighteners to touch up certain sections rather than using them across your whole head.
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