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Taming frizz
Taming frizz

Taming frizz

These little flyaway hairs that escape from your well-structured hairstyles are your worst enemy. It’s hard to get rid of rebel hair, but it can be tamed. Here are some tips on how to fight frizz.
Frizz is generally a feature of dry or curly hair, or straight hair with slight curls. “When two hair types mix, this often leads to frizz. Hair tends to be dry, so hydrating treatments for dry hair should be used regularly to remove these rebel hairs.”
It is impossible to get rid of frizz completely, but it is possible to reduce it and, more importantly, hide it! “To do this, serums are your best bet! You can use them every day to control frizz and tame and hydrate hair all at the same time.” For frizz-free hair, apply serums to wet hair before styling, making sure you spread the product evenly.
To reduce the appearance of frizz, you must avoid subjecting your hair to external stresses, especially heat. So put down your straighteners and curling tongs and make sure you hold your hair dryer a reasonable distance away from your hair. “If you simply have to use your styling tools, use lots and lots of nourishing treatments.”
Our tip: Styling gel and wax should be avoided if you suffer from frizz. These can weigh down the hair and dry it out. Hairspray, however, can be used to manage frizz, as long as it is used correctly and sparingly. Spray hairspray onto a comb and comb through your hair to finish. Frizz now under control!
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