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The Rogue Hair effect, this season's key look with JLD

This season, the two tone effect is more fashionable than ever! The Rogue Hair effect has won over the stars, and this trend is at the heart of Jean Louis David’s “The Odyssey” Spring-Summer Collection 2021.

The Rogue Hair effect by Jean Louis David

The Rogue Hair effect is the art of illuminating your face with two striking sections of hair that are a different colour to the rest. Most often this will be two blond sections against a darker hair colour. To get the desired effect, you can try Contrast, an exclusive Jean Louis David technique, with different nuances of blonde as well as two bold “piano keys” at the front.


A trend with a nod to the 90’s

The Rogue Hair trend is named after one of the female superheroes in X-men. Rogue has long brown hair with two white streaks at the front which frame her face. In the 90s this was a major hair trend, from Jennifer Aniston to Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls to Avril Lavigne, numerous stars embraced this effect. Today, icons like Beyonce, Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa have turned to the Rogue Hair trend and have updated it with a contemporary feel.

What colour should I choose for my Rogue Hair?

This trend works for any style. You can choose to subtly lighten the sections that frame your face, for a discreet Rogue Hair effect, or you can opt for a more striking contrast if you want to stand out and embrace the trend completely.

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This article inspired you?

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