Key looks from Jean Louis David's The Odyssey Spring Summer Collection

For the new Spring Summer collection 2021, Jean Louis David plunged into an extraordinary odyssey. The looks in this collection are sensual and modern: the goddesses of Mount Olympus are reincarnated in the 21st century. Long and short cuts coexist, and unstructured styles can be found alongside sharply flattened and wet look hairstyles. Are you ready to set off on an adventure filled with surprises? Discover the latest looks from Jean Louis David.

Frothy waves

Poetic, dynamic and voluminous, this hairstyle has it all!


This very airy hairstyle reminds us of a mermaid, or a princess of modern times. The hair is soft, light, frothy and airy, and the overall effect is chic and original! The finger wave effect is created with the Jean Louis David Waver, the hair is brushed and a little Styling Mousse Go Style is applied, giving structure and hold to the hair.

The unstructured loose wavy look

If you have long, fine hair and you like simple and natural hairstyles, then this look is perfect for you.


Focusing on waves is the ideal way to give your hair some volume and style. Here, to get unstructured loose waves, the Jean Louis David styler was used to work in some waves after applying some Brush Cream Go Style to prepare the hair. The result is a wild yet modern look that’s very appealing.

The bun: messy or twisted

By day and by night, the bun is THE hairstyle that’s still on trend for all occasions. For this new season, it’s all about a particular kind of bun: a bun perched high on top of your head!


A key trend that’s lasted for several seasons already, the bun is back in two distinct forms for this summer season: for a sophisticated and contemporary look, try the twisted bun with a high-shine almost wet look created with Jean Louis David Design Gel Go Style. For a softer, more romantic look, embrace the messy bun. Here the messy bun is complemented by sleek sides, achieved using Jean Louis David Fix Spray Go Style, and two sections at the front are left loose to frame the face.

The graphic fringe

Whether you’ve just decided to try a fringe, or you want to freshen up the fringe you already have, it’s the perfect time to embrace the bold lines of a graphic fringe.


Best combined with a short crop or a pretty bob, the full, graphic fringe brings a touch of urban chic to your hairstyle. It’s the perfect way to intensify your gaze. To style a graphic fringe, equip yourself with some Jean Louis David Brush Cream Go Style (best applied to wet hair) and a brush!

The rounded bob

The inverted bob is still in fashion, but it’s been reinvented: prepare to fall in love with the rounded bob!


With the rounded bob, the cut is shorter at the front, softening the contours of the face and highlighting the elegance of the nape of the neck. Styled with an unstructured look, created using Jean Louis David Styling Mousse Go Style to give it plenty of volume, this modern, elegant cut looks set to become one of the key looks for this season.

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