The looks in the Jean Louis David Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 Collection

In late 2021, the Jean Louis David brand will celebrate its 60th birthday. Over the last 60 years the brand has seen almost every hair style imaginable. From the retro cuts of the 1960s to the big hair of the 1980s and then a return to more sober and natural effects in the last few years, there’s been something for all tastes, and that remains, even today. The proof of this can be seen in the new Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 collection from Jean Louis David, as the brand revisits the last six decades, its cosmopolitan style always characterised by movement, contrast, audacity and femininity.

The 60s cut

For a 1960s style look, this cut maximizes volume, first and foremost!


This haircut channels a sixties vibe and yet has a very modern feel. A dab of Jean Louis David Go Style Styling Mousse is used on the roots to give the hair volume and shapeliness. As for the lengths, we opted to style it with a rounded shape, with the ends flicked outwards, giving a dynamic, retro feel that’s full of charm.

The 80s inspired cut

In the 1980s, the sky was the limit. We saw perms, crimped hair, huge curls. And it was all about the volume!


Now we head back to the 1980s, but with a contemporary twist. This hair trend sees the hair curled right to the tips, with roots lifted to create volume. This effect is maintained with the Jean Louis David Go Style Design Spray. Wild and sophisticated at the same time, this hairstyle offers a certain glamour that’s easy to assume by day or by night!

The 90s inspired cut

In the 1990s, tight curls were THE trend to go for. And it still works now!


Nineties fashion is making a comeback, especially among the younger generations. And as for hair, if you’re looking for a refined and contemporary take on nineties hair, try this method of curling just the exterior sections of hair with a curling iron and leaving the crown smooth. The idea is to achieve well-defined waves which are then fixed with Jean Louis David Go Style Fix Spray.

The cut of the year

The wet look effect is here to stay!


Here, we’ve gone for a double wet look slicked down effect with very shiny, smooth hair obtained using Jean Louis David Go Style Design Gel and Nutri Serum Go Style. And to ensure you’re at the cutting edge of the trend, a boyish cut is perfect with this look. With a well-defined parting and a raised quiff at the front, you will not go unnoticed. A hair style that’s worthy of the greatest fashion catwalks!

The timeless bob

It’s been fashionable since 1960 thanks to its endless capacity for reinvention, and the bob remains on trend for the coming season!


Depending on your taste, you can opt for a curly or smooth bob, with or without a fringe. What matters this year, however, is adding some contrast to your cut. Texture and tonal contrast is possible thanks to the new exclusive “Rocking Light” service from Jean Louis David, which adds lighter sections to hidden layers underneath the hair, which become more or less visible depending on how you style your hair that day.