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On trend hairstyles that bring volume to fine hair

Do you find your hair too fine, flat, or limp? You can boost your hair and give it volume with the right hairstyle and a few tricks and changes to your haircare routine. These simple tricks can make all the difference.

Step 1: choose the right haircut

Generally, if you have fine hair, it’s best to avoid long hairstyles which tend to reinforce the flatness of the hair. You want a dynamic cut that brings volume, so it’s better to go for a short or mid-length hair cut.
And the good news is that the bob, which suits fine hair perfectly, is bang on trend this Autumn/Winter. A wavy bob or one that’s shorter at the back and longer in front will bring more movement to your hair.

Step 2: use the right products

If you want to bring volume to your fine hair quickly and easily, dry shampoo can be a great solution. It allows you to space out your washes while bringing texture to your hair.
But above all, certain haircare products are the secret weapons that can boost your hair: Jean Louis David Go Style Texture Powder and Go Style Styling Mousse for example, which bring volume to the roots of fine hair. They sheathe each hair strand, giving your hair more volume and leaving the lengths soft and hydrated. A perfect combination!

Step 3: dare to try highlights

Bring some contrast to your hair with the help of a few highlights! The new “Rocking Light” exclusive service offered by Jean Louis David creates subtle zones of colour that bring out the graphics and volumes of your cut, depending on your desire and your hairstyle.
The 2 in 1 service from Jean Louis David, a tailor-made colour service, brings nuances of colour to your hair with a completely natural look, creating more or less intensely lightened sections so they catch the light in different ways. It’s a fantastic way to give your hair a more dynamic look.

Even more straightforward, a balayage can create contrast and bring depth to your hair. So, what are you waiting for?

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This article inspired you?

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