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The Wet Look, summer's strongest trend

The most popular hairstyle of the summer, the wet look is back for a new season, and it’s just as glamourous as ever. A stunning natural wet hair effect that’s suited to all hair types, from straight to curly, that’s so easy to recreate.

The on-trend wet hair effect

A clever mix of glamour and sportswear, with echoes of a sea-nymph who has just emerged from the water, wet look hair first appeared on haute couture fashion catwalks before being adopted by the stars. Since then, the wet hair effect has become a timeless staple of the summer, getting the mercury rising on nights out as well as beside the pool, transforming the wearer into a femme fatale.

What is wet look?

What’s the secret to this mermaid hairstyle? First, you wet the hair before fixing it using a gel or wax, giving the hair body and hold. This wet effect works in all kinds of variations, on smooth hair we love it sleek and chic for a very graphic look, while on curly hair it brings a fresh softness.

Wet look, the how-to guide

Begin by combing or brushing your hair so as to untangle and smooth out each strand. Apply either Jean Louis David Go Style Shine Wax or Brush Cream on all of your hair, from the roots to the tips. Use your comb or brush to ensure even coverage. Be careful not to go too heavy on the gel, add more product little by little, working on each section to create the style you want, taking care to avoid the greasy, stiff look. The result will depend on how much product you use.

On straight hair, use a brush to distribute the Shine Wax or Brush Cream. On curly hair, reshape the curls with your fingers using Perfect Curl, and use a hairdryer with a diffuser if necessary.

Finally, fix your hair with Fix Spray. A handy tip to fix the lengths: spray some hairspray into your hand and apply it with your fingers. For an ultra high-shine finish, apply a few drops of Nutri Serum through the lengths.

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This article inspired you?

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