Refreshing and maintaining my fringe at home

Emphasis on the word “refresh”! And no, we’re not suggesting you get your stylist round to do it for you – you can easily do it yourself! Just visit your stylist when it needs restructuring. Here are some tips on how to maintain your hair at home between appointments.
With the right equipment and a bit of dexterity, you can easily refresh (and trim) your fringe. This means that you won’t have to keep going back to your stylist every week when your fringe starts to grow!
Despite what many people think, fringes are not rectangular, they are triangular. This triangle is cut into your hair and can go back as deep as required, depending on how thick your hair is. “The thicker your hair is, the further back your fringe will go, and vice versa.”
”To avoid creating an over-exaggerated fringe, the triangle needs to be well structured. It should stop just around the eyebrow level.” This is your hairdresser’s job! Here’s how to refresh your fringe at home.
To cut your fringe you’re going to need a comb and a small pair of scissors. “Position the triangle in your comb, with your hair inside it. Decide on the length by sliding the comb to where you want the end of your fringe to be.” Once in place, simply cut the hair below this point using your scissors!
Our tip: Trim your fringe when your hair is dry! If you try it on wet hair when you’re not quite sure of the technique, you might end up cutting your fringe much shorter than you had planned!
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