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The Shag Cut: the wild rock'n'roll cut is back

Tapered choppy layers and a curtain fringe… the Shag cut has returned with a bang on the catwalks and on social media. This wild rock’n’roll look has come to tousle our tresses and pimp up our bobs.

The return of the legendary seventies cut

Fresh out of the 70s, the shag cut has made a notable appearance among the stars, in fashion magazines and on social networks. This layered cut is very much inspired by rock icons. An effortless and slightly androgynous cut that gives a nonchalantly sexy vibe. You might wonder where the name came from: it’s rooted in the shaggy nature of this cut. Jean Louis David revisits this vintage era cut that plays on the messy hair look, giving it an aesthetic that’s a little more 2022.

What does the shag cut look like?

The shag cut is composed of two elements: a strongly layered and choppy cut creates volume, and this is combined with a short curtain fringe, the textured ends bringing movement and fluidity. This cut cultivates a wild, artistic vibe, the effortless air of having just jumped out of bed. These tapered layers suit all kinds of hair: long, shoulder-length, straight, thick or wavy hair.

Tips for a great shag cut

There are an infinite number of variations on the shag cut, which takes as its starting point a slightly rounded fringe and a lot of layers that create volume and movement. With straight or curly hair, wear it wild and untamed or as soft waves – the shag cut is easy to personalise. For a liberated, smooth look, apply a touch of Brush Cream Go Style Jean Louis David and retouch the fringe and contours with hair straighteners. For a natural, mussed-up look, turn to Jean Louis David Go Style Perfect Curls. If you want to accentuate your wild side, finish it off with a spritz of Wavy Spray. To give your shag cut more movement and fluidity, you can gently accentuate your waves with a straightening iron. Want to give it some extra body? Go Style Texture Powder is your friend.

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This article inspired you?

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