How can I tame my out-of-control curls?

Think your curly hair is beginning to get out of control? Thanks to our expert advice, you can now learn how to get your curls looking fabulous in next to no time at all.
Technically speaking, you can’t physically reduce the size of your curls. You can, however, learn to relax them.  ‘To do this, take a section of hair and applying a hydrating cream. Dry each section whilst pulling downwards. Repeat this technique all over for more of a wavy-effect than corkscrew curls! This relaxing process will soften tight curls and reduce volume of thick hair types’.
There are a few handy solutions for keeping your curls looking tamed and groomed during your day too. ‘One golden rule to bear in mind is that you should never sleep on damp hair. This will flatten your style and ruin the shape of your natural curls. However, you may want to try lightly spraying your style with a water spray in the morning to perk up your look. Another top tip is to actually weigh down your locks with the help of deeply nourishing hair creams, shampoos and treatment masks. Finally, remember that the longer your hair, the less your curls will appear bulky and out of control’.
Our advice: Want to create a wider, more natural-looking curl than you were born with? Simply wrap medium sized sections around sleep-in rollers. When you wake up in the morning, unravel with your fingertips to reveal a much calmer, relaxed hairstyle.
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