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Headbands to match your style
Headbands to match your style
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Headbands to match your style

A summer hairstyle just wouldn't be complete without a headband. In just a few seasons, the headband has become a key accessory that sits proudly on top of any hairstyle. Here’s a look at which headbands to choose to match your style.
Classic. Pick a simple hairband. One that's fairly wide and can be worn proudly in your hair for a preppy, sweet and innocent look. The must-have version of this headband is covered in silk and is the perfect for match for all your trendy hairstyles, especially straight bob styles.
Bohemian. If you’re a more bohemian kind of girl, go for a crown headband. Choose a thin version worn in the centre of the forehead, wrapped around your head like a crown. Decorated with little jewels and flowers, this headband boosts any hairstyle, straight or wavy. By making the most of its girly vibe, this headband can be both subtle and feminine.
Casual. Worn on the edge of your hair, the casual version of the headband is neither too thin nor too chunky. The most sought after version for this sort of style is the braided headband. The braided headband is ultra-subtle and unfussy. Perfect for voluminous hairstyles looking for a bit of structure, this headband is worn horizontally to hold your hair in place. Casual and versatile, this hairstyle is suitable for any occasion.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO