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The preppy style
The preppy style
The preppy style
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The preppy style

Inspired by college prep class students in the north-west of the US in the 50s, this style features ultra-stylish preppy pieces. At lot less strict than it was before, today the preppy style often takes its inspiration from American TV shows whilst keeping in mind some classic, elegant must-haves for a perfect look.
Preppy fashion. There are a few rules to stick to when going for the preppy style. When it comes to clothes, think polo shirts, loafers and chinos: this will have you looking like the perfect student eager to spend her time between the library and the tennis court. As for colours, there aren't any rigid rules to follow, but pastels tick all the boxes. A preppy look would not be complete without a few stripes or polka dots, which you can wear on your shirts, sweats and polo shirts. When it comes to accessories, choose items that will last you a long time and remind us of those ‘well bred’ folk!
Preppy beauty. For the perfect preppy look, keep your make-up toned down. Nude and natural are the name of the game. You'll need an even complexion worn with a blush to gently enhance your cheekbones. Forget lipstick and eyeshadow straightaway. Keep your hairstyle simple too. Straighten your hair, style it into a neat side parting and tuck it behind your ears. For best results, embrace your sweet and innocent side!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO