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The side-parting
The side-parting
The side-parting

The side-parting

Wear the side-parting for ultra-on-trend hair. Easy to create, the side-parting can be worn in a host of different ways to suit the style you’re after and the mood you’re in! Here are some side-partings you’re going to love this Autumn-Winter 2012. 
Who for? Short hair, mid-length hair, long hair, sleek hair, straight hair... The side-parting works on everyone! It suits all lengths and hair types and is a simple way of customising or adding character to a plain cut. It can even be used to soften or draw attention away from your least favourite features such as an overly round face or prominent chin.
Creating the side-parting. Start with soft, clean hair, brushed beforehand. The easiest way to create your parting is using a pintail comb. To get your parting nice and straight, start at the front of your head and create a neat, and of course, side-parting! It’s up to you how far to the side you want your parting to be. This will tell you how far over you need to start.
Four styles for a side-parting. For a glamorous look, wear the side-parting on long, slightly wavy hair. Let your hair fall over your shoulder for a perfect look. If you want to go for a more romantic style, try a half-ponytail, pulling the hair and giving it a slightly rounded shape. For a rock chick effect, create a loose chignon once your parting is in place and backcomb at the parting for extra volume. Finally, for a preppy style, create a side-parting and pull your mid-length or long hair back. Fix in place with a velvety hair slide.
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