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The half ponytail
The half ponytail
The half ponytail

The half ponytail

Forget everything you know about the half ponytail! If you feel that this style is reserved for the well-behaved, serious girls, you need to consider that by thinking outside of the box, this style can give you a fierce, rock chick look.
The rules of the half ponytail. Like all types of ponytails, the half ponytail is one of the first hairstyles that little girls learn to do. It’s easy to do, really practical for everyday life and can be styled in different ways to suit your needs and style. Achieving the look is simple: you take part of hair from the front of your head, sweep it back and tie in the middle of your scalp. The half ponytail works especially well on mid to long hair and it looks good on both straight and curly hair.
The classic half ponytail. For many, the half ponytail is the best way to achieve a sensible look. Moreover, a clear advantage of the style is that it’s very easy and quick to do! Brush your hair and separate it into two parts, one at the front and one at the back. Tie the hair at the back with a hair band or a slide. Then simply straighten or curl the rest of the hair which you have left down.
The sixties-inspired half ponytail. To achieve a retro half ponytail, you need to give volume to your hair to ensure it has plenty of body, by way of a small quiff. Like with the classic version of the half ponytail, separate your hair into two parts, but then backcomb the part which you will tie up at the back. Spray a mist of hairspray to fix it into place.
The wet-look half ponytail. Adopt this look this summer to really stand out! Apply some thermo-protective straightening spray before straightening your hair. Then, with the help of gel, flatten the hair you have separated from the rest towards the back of your head following the same method as before. However make sure you use the gel sparingly so you achieve a classy result. To finish, fix your hair into place by using a strong hairspray for a long lasting hold.
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