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How to wear a hairband?
How to wear a hairband?
How to wear a hairband?
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How to wear a hairband?

After the headband, the hairband is making a name for itself as the must-have hair accessory for any fashionista. Forget those traumatic memories of the hairband you wore as a little girl, here’s how to wear it in a trendy, grown-up fashion!
Forget the chunky velvet red hairbands your mum used to make you wear. In 2012 it’s all about thin, metal or sparkly hairbands for the evening and, for the daytime, go for thicker, more comfortable versions covered in silk, velvet or leather. Look for floral or animal prints, or even shiny effects. One to look out for: hairbands covered in jewels for a sophisticated, feminine look. Avoid feathers and brights!
Though the hairband was once just seen as a means of keeping your hair out of your face, nowadays it’s a fashion accessory in itself. Here are two very different and trendy ways of wearing the hairband.
For a preppy schoolgirl style, wear it near your forehead with loose hair. This is also the only way of wearing it if you have a straight fringe! For more sophistication, you could also wear your hairband with your hair in a chignon or ponytail, or pin up the top section of your hair using hair slides. Don’t forget to backcomb your hair to add volume at the back of your head. Guaranteed rock chick effect!
Second option: wear the hairband far back, fixing it in place with hair grips for a boho chic effect. This looks best on long, wavy hair. If you find that your style is looking a bit too neat, let a few pieces of hair fall out at the sides for a slightly dishevelled effect.
Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, choose a thick hairband to hold your hair, or try a tiara-style one, simply resting on your hair.

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