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Give me wavy hair, quick!
Give me wavy hair, quick!
Give me wavy hair, quick!

Give me wavy hair, quick!

When you think of curly and wavy hair, do you struggle to see what the difference is? Time to set this straight! Give the wavy effect a go for an ultra-natural look and subtly defined, surfer chic waves.
The wavy style. Curly hair is all about volume. Wavy hair focuses more on movement, playing around with subtly defined waves for a very natural effect. To achieve this, start with tight curls, then when styling, ruffle them up for a messy look. The golden rule: leave your hair to works its own magic once in place. No need to tie it up.
One style, two techniques. The quickest and easiest method to get wavy hair? Using curling tongs. Pre-dry your hair, then with your head upside-down, roll sections of hair around the hot tongs. Select large pieces and use a curling tong with a large barrel for loose curls. The smaller the barrel, the more defined the curl will be… Only curl the lengths and leave the ends free for an uber-natural look. Fix the style with hairspray to keep your style in place all day or night.
For a more long-lasting effect, get out your foam or Velcro! Choose thinner rollers and finer pieces of hair, rolling it round the rollers vertically. Apply a layer of fixing hairspray and allow your hair to dry, ideally for 1-2 hours for a perfect result. Finish using a hairspray before removing the rollers and using your fingers to loosen your waves.
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