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Dare the tomboy cut!
Dare the tomboy cut!
Dare the tomboy cut!
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Dare the tomboy cut!

One of winter’s biggest trends, the tomboy cut, is back in again for spring/summer 2012. Who suits it? Is it easy to maintain? We tell you all there is to know about this boy-meets-girl cut.
An ultra-feminine tomboy trend. More and more of you are giving shorter styles a go, whether it be for a change of style or even to cause a little confusion! The tomboy cut was first spotted on the catwalk before it became the latest must-have hair on the high street. The tomboy cut is not just for feminine styles, it can be adapted to any look. You just need to know how to make it work!
One cut, many styles. Don’t think that having short hair limits you to the same style as the girl next to you. Just like long hair, short styles can be worn differently from one person to the next. Option 1: the short-all-over tomboy cut which is short at the front and short at the back. Option 2: keep longer pieces at the front for a playful effect and to create more styling options. Option 3: a short bob cut with razored ends for a soft touch. With this style, the back of the hair is kept long and layered for a more feminine feel.
Styling tips. Why not try out some of your man’s styling products to funk up your short hair. Gel or wax, it’s up to you. For a retro feel, smooth down the hair and mess it up a little with your fingers. Then flick out the ends using a styling wax (link: Shine Wax). Or you might want to go for the wet look. Slick your hair down with a gel (link: Design Gel) for an ultra-feminine result. Squeeze a small amount of gel into your hands and work it through pieces of hair until you achieve the desired effect. Or, for a more rock chick feel, keep it long at the front to quirk up the style. Then, work some gel through pieces of hair one by one for a bedhead look.
© Pixelformula / Backstage Kiledjian, Spring-Summer 2012
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO