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How best to use hairspray
How best to use hairspray
How best to use hairspray

How best to use hairspray

Hairspray remains an essential part of your beauty kit. It can be used to fix in place any strands or all your hair, for as long as possible. Here is some advice to optimise its use.
First of all, don’t confuse hairspray and fixing spray! Of course, both products fix your hair in place, but their use differs somewhat. “Hairspray is very thin, like a mist. The deposit is very light. Meanwhile, the spray is a liquid which vaporizes and turns into tiny droplets for a wet effect.” Fixing spray is best used to style a movement, in other words you will be able to rework your hair once the product is applied until you have your desired style. Hairspray, on the other hand, should be used when finished styling. Thanks to its focused nozzle, you can spray it close up or over the whole hairstyle to set your style.
Regarding the hold strength, make a decision based on your desired final result. “If you want fixed hairstyles for a long hold, you need a higher strength. To highlight a movement or particular shape, a lower or middle strength will suffice.”
In theory, a good hairspray will disappear with brushing. It shouldn’t leave any deposits (your hair should return to its natural position), and no hair should be heavy or coated. If you find that your hair is weighed down or greasy afterwards, simply change your hairspray!
If you wish to use hairspray to set in place your hairstyle, spray a little from different angles. “To do this, spray at around 20-30 cm from the hair and let it cover your head. For more localised styling, spray closely to the hair. “But not too much! Otherwise the hairspray will deposit itself to a specific part of your hair which might get sticky.”
Our tip: Remember that hairspray does not damage hair, at least if you avoid emptying half the bottle on your head every day! So don’t be too heavy-handed in the application and wash your hair if you feel there is too much residue.
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