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Backcombing your hair
Backcombing your hair

Backcombing your hair

Whether your hair is short, long, thin or thick, backcombing remains an ideal solution to give texture and volume. Here are a few useful tips on how to backcomb without getting worked up.
Backcombing consists of bringing the hair back on its roots and in doing so, creating volume and giving more thickness and texture to the hair. It can also be done to help create some particular styles; it is a clever trick and very simple to do, which has no damaging effect on your hair. “Backcombing can be done on the entirety of your hair if you want to look like Jimi Hendrix, or only on part of it to create a certain movement or style. It can be on the top of your head for a beehive or only on the mid-lengths and tips to bring depth to the lower parts of your hair.”
All types of hair can be backcombed, it is simply a question of getting the amount right. On thin hair, for example, backcombing allows you to give more body to the hair. “But you shouldn’t do too much of it if you want to avoid picking up too much hair and it all ending up at the roots. You need to do enough backcombing to help support the styling and give it volume.” Backcombing short hair is also possible if you want to support a sleek up-do or a front roll. “To summarize, backcombing is like a sort of mattress which allows you to work on your hair!”
There is nothing more simple than doing a backcomb! Whenever possible, avoid backcombing on hair that is too clean. As it is very smooth, the effect will not last as long as you wish it to… “Choose the parts of the hair which you would like to backcomb and separate it from the rest of your hair. Separate a strand of two or three centimetres and hold it up, then use a comb to pull the hair towards the roots, always combing from the outside in. This tip allows the backcombing to remain invisible.
For a long-lasting effect, apply hairspray before backcombing so that it is more likely to remain in place. Spray on the roots, allowing your hair to be easier to work with and to maintain.
Our tip: To ensure the hair is smooth after backcombing, on a bun, for example, use a hairbrush. Lightly brush the surface to have a smooth effect without damaging your style.
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