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"We're constantly innovating." Thierry Brugalieres & Thierry Marionneau

After almost 20 years working under the Jean Louis David brand, this duo of franchise holders manages 3 salons dotted all over Bordeaux (33), bringing cutting-edge hairstyles to the city. Smitten by both the spirit of the brand and its expertise, a colourist in training with this duo of franchise holders tells us more about the exclusive colouring services available.

How are customers treated at Jean Louis David?

Thierry Marionneau. We’ve a whole protocol. From the moment the customer sets foot in the salon and we greet them, to taking their coat and giving them a personalised hair diagnosis. Sometimes the customer comes in with a specific idea in mind of what they want, and others ask us for our advice as to what they should go for.

What are the most commonly asked questions?

Thierry Marionneau. People often ask if they can go for a lighter colour. At Jean Louis David, we call them Sunlight or 2-in-1 treatments.

Which technical innovation has made all the difference at Jean Louis David?

Thierry Marionneau. Jean Louis David is constantly evolving, making improvements and innovating. The Sunlight and 2-in-1 treatments still continue to dominate with several adaptations available, such as 3-in-1 treatments. That’s a Sunlight treatment, which, once rinsed out, is re-done a little differently with a subtle contrast to get a triple-tone look.

A professional tip for keeping your colour looking good?

Thierry Marionneau. Besides using the right shampoo and mask, you should always apply a leave-in treatment as well, to protect and hydrate the hair and to make your colour more vibrant and radiant.

What are the various colouring techniques at Jean Louis David?

Thierry Marionneau. We work with Gloss treatments which are semi-permanent colouring techniques. The latest is the 100% Gloss treatment, a veil of shine which leaves your hair glossy and adds highlights. There is also the 2-in-1 treatment, which consists of contrasts applied to your colour with a specific Jean Louis David product. And not least, the extreme Sunlight and Contrast treatments.

How do you personalise a colour to suit a customer?

Thierry Marionneau. Generally, customers already have an idea of what they want: whether they want to lighten or darken their hair and whether they want a very natural result. We advise them mainly on highlights. For example, depending on the customer’s complexion, we adjust the blond colour using highlights which could be beige, golden or pearlescent depending on their complexion.

What would you advise for a customer who wants to revert to their natural colour?

Thierry Marionneau. The 100% Gloss treatment! It is the most suitable gloss treatment at Jean Louis David. It works on the hair’s surface and helps you revert back to your original colour or darken your base to soften the demarcation lines until your hair fully grows out. And as this treatment involves no oxidation, it does not lighten your hair at all, so you can get back to your natural colour.

What is the current must-have colour to be bang on-trend?

Thierry Marionneau. Full coverage bleaching to get a platinum blonde shade, re-worked at the roots with a 100% Gloss treatment to give your colour an array of shades.

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